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Video solutions for everyone

Video solutions for everyone

RatioGreyServies Videography


We use the latest equipment to shoot your project in a timely and affordable manner. Corporate bios, social ads, training videos – we’ve done it all. No middle man means we cater to your needs while remaining inexpensive. The result? A professional and high quality video done at a fraction of the price of the other guys.

RatioGreyServies Editing

Video Editing

Your brand is our guideline. Our full post-production services can accommodate simple projects and longer term productions alike. Whether we shot your visuals or you’re bringing in your own footage, we’re experts at making your vision shine.

RatioGreyServies CustomContent

Custom Content

We have experience with creative projects ranging from social media campaigns to broadcast-ready storytelling. We know how to adapt to your needs and vision to create captivating visuals. Content is king and we want to help you create the content that tells your story.

RatioGreyServies Strategic

Strategic Planning

Successful engagement happens with good planning and a strong vision ahead. We know what type of storytelling works in this digital world and can put together a plan for your brand or project to gain the most traction and organic engagement across all platforms. We’re pros at making the content and planning for it.

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